Canadian Homestyle Chili Championships

Canadian Homestyle Chili Championships

To let the chili cooks stretch out and have some fun we also have a Homestyle Chili category where cooks can add anything they want to their chili, and boy do they! Each team receives 2 lbs of course ground pork courtesy of Johnston’s Fresh Local Quality BC Pork to be used as the base for their chili. Anything and everything can be added to homestyle chill.

Johnstons Local Quality Pork -logo

Cooks also receive a can of Bush’s Best Beans that must go in the pot.

How do you make your chili? Do you prefer just beans and veggies and maybe topped with a little shredded cheese and a dollop of crema or sour cream? Be creative in this category and anything goes. Come on out and cook your own big-ole-pot-a-red, you’ll be glad you did Hoss!

Pot of homestyle chili simmering away.

$25 Entry or FREE if you are also cooking CASI.

2lb Ground Pork provided by Johnston’s BC Pork and a can of beans provided by Bush’s Best

Saturday 3:00pm Turn In