Festival Producers

Fred Roycroft | Festival Producer

Fred Roycroft met the Veljacics in 1989, a year after he started cooking competition Texas chili. They became instant and very close friends. Together they were the original Canadian members of The Pacific Northwest BBQ Association – our sanctioning body. Fred has organized many chili competitions over the years and originated The Canadian International Chili Championships in 1990. Fred took over producing The Canadian Festival of Chili and BBQ in 2000 in honour of his friends David and Pat Veljacic.

Wayne Fettback | Festival Producer

Wayne Fettback went to take in a BBQ competition in 2001 to find out what Southern BBQ was all about. As a trained chef he also was inspired. He asked the cooks a lot of questions and it was their openness and encouragement that pushed him to learn more. He started competing the next year and The Canadian Festival of Chili and BBQ was his first competition venue. Raising sponsorship monies and keeping low registration fees are his drivers. For him it is all about the cooks.

Rob Rabby | Festival Producer

Rob is a fire fighter for Langley City Fire Rescue Local 3253 and has also served on the board for the Burn Fund. He works tirelessly to coordinate his team of fire fighter volunteers who welcome all visitors on site, give out samples of chili and pulled pork sandwiches, make ice cream cones and take care of sampling wristbands for our visitors. He exemplifies team work and has worked on the production of the Festival since it came to Langley in 2011.