Questions from Festival Visitors:

“What is Southern ‘Low and Slow’ BBQ?”

Traditional southern BBQ was developed out of necessity. From mans first days fire has been the heat source to cook food. It was discovered that cooking the less desirable and cheaper tough cuts of meat indirectly at lower temperatures and for longer times over wood and charcoal fires created tender and juicy results. And thankful we are!

“I have a gas BBQ, can I still create great tasting Southern BBQ?”

Gas BBQ’s are actually better referred to as ‘grills’. You are cooking directly over your gas heat source so this is actually grilling. You can adapt a grill to cook BBQ but that involves ‘two zone cooking’ whereby you heat one side of your grill and cook the meat on the other, or colder side, of the grill replicating indirect cooking. Add a foil packet of wood chips to the hot side and you add a world of flavour and you can come pretty close to real BBQ flavour.

“Is there somewhere to learn how to cook Southern BBQ?”

There are now many great BBQ classes around. Some are organized by BBQ associations to help grow the sport and many are put on by individual successful competitors. Searching the term ‘BBQ class’ will yield a lot of possibilities in your area. One of the best places to learn how to cook Southern BBQ here in Canada is from our good friend and competitor Rob Reinhardt. His classes can found at Canada’s BBQ School.

“I make a great chili, is competing fun or serious business?”

Cooking chili is a great way to enter the world of competition cooking.  All the competitors are there for a good time first and the blue ribbon second. They don’t take their game too seriously on the most part and it doesn’t take a lot of commitment to enter. Go ahead and jump in -we will hook you up beside some great people who will be more than happy to help you through the process just be ready to have too much fun!

“Where can I get real Texas chili recipes and ingredients?”

We cook chili under the sanctioning of CASI (Chili Appreciation Society International) based out of Texas. Luckily they post their winning recipes! Feel free to substitute whatever chili powders you like or have on hand for what they use in Texas. It will be a great start for some great chili! If you want to order the real fresh Texas chili powder blends or other great spices you can check out either of these links Mild Bill’s Spices or Pendery’s. A lot of us northwest chili heads order from these guys! Order me some ‘a that-there Mild Bill’s ‘Jalapeño Ranch Dip Mix’ with your order would y’all? …well that’s mighty neighbourly!

Competitors Corner:

“I am competing solo in BBQ and would like to provide public sampling but just don’t have the extra hands. Any thoughts?”

Our firefighter volunteers at the entrance to the Festival would be happy to provide the public samples of your BBQ for you and we’ll even send a runner over to grab them from you after each turnin! Just let us know and you can take advantage of the lesser rate in the registration fees and we will add you to the runners list.

“When should we book our hotel stay?”

Book early before they sell out! You can book your room adjacent to the cooking area at the Best Western Plus Langley (604) 530-9311 and also a few blocks away at our past host venue, Cascades‘ Coast Hotel (604) 530-1500.

“Are there alternate accommodations nearby?”

Yes. We also have a block of rooms at the Days Inn and Suites located at 20250 Logan Avenue within walking distance of the Casino. Call (604) 539-0100.

“Is power provided for the weekend?”

Sunbelt Rentals supplies two large generators for the cooking area but as everyone who competes knows, schtuff happens and  your own quiet generators are also good to go as per PNWBA rules.

“Whats the water, grease, ash, garbage situation like?”

Take a look at our location map for placement of all our services. Garbage, grease and ash are located at the northwest corner of the lot.

Four wash stations with hand wash are provided. Please don’t use more water than necessary and please turn off the taps between washing and rinsing. -or beware the wrath of Fred or Betty! We are limited to how much waste water can be contained in our storage tanks.

Don’t leave any garbage in your cook site! -or beware the wrath of Fred or Betty…again! Please use the dumpsters provided at the northwest corner of the lot.

“Whats the security situation like?”

The university provides limited security personnel so be aware and don’t leave things out unwatched.

“Is there any smoking wood available for us stick burners?”

If we get enough orders we can arrange for some clean dry cherry splits to be dropped onsite. Let us know if you are interested.

“What size are the cooking sites?”

Chill teams get 10×10′ spaces and BBQ teams get 15×15′. If you have a large BBQ rig let us know and we will make arrangements to fit you in.