Chili and BBQ Competitors Come From Across Canada and the United States

Like a band of gypsy’s these highly competitive teams travel many miles all season long to be around a great group of people with like minds -as crazy as they all might be… Its all about the camaraderie that has been built over years of competing but still everyone wants to win the bragging rights of cooking the winning entry and walking proud to receive their call and the prizes that go with it! This contest has always been proud of its reputation on the BBQ circuit of being a welcoming place to start competing in chili and barbecue. We still have teams competing who started at the inaugural cookoff in 1987 and also many first time cooks and we like it that way!

The Martin’s and DeHoog’s from Buzz Saw BBQ. Young Teddy Martin cooking as “Smoke ‘n Mirrors BBQ” was our Kids Q Grand Champion a few years back. And as his dad Russ says, “Don’t think for one minute that Teddy has let Tom or I forget that he was a champion!”

2019 Competition Teams

BadAss BBQ  -Dave McKay (North Vancouver BC)

Mad Cow BBQ  -Wayne Fettback (Langley BC)

Lynn Valley Butts  -Chris McBride (Birch Bay WA)

The Smokin’ Grill Next Door  -Dave Burrows (Surrey BC)

Up In Smoke  -JJ Kozak (Surrey BC)

Fat Wally’s BBQ Shack  -Steve Waldron (Surrey BC)

Backyard BBQ  -Sharleen Bitz (Mission BC)

Daddy’s Day Pass BBQ  -Karl Rasmussen (Langley, BC)

Happy Campers BBQ Team  -JD & Rhana McGee (Duvall WA)

Chartreuse Moose -Morris Neufeld (100 Mile House)

Dances With Smoke -Tom Wallin (Renton WA)

Cliffs Smokin’ BBQ -Cliff Heide (Everett WA)

Booties BBQ -Kris Hollis (Washougall WA)

2018 Competition Teams

BadAss BBQ

Mad Cow BBQ

Lynn Valley Butts

Fat Wally’s Firehouse BBQ

Up In Smoke

Wine Country Q

The Smoking’ Grill Next Door

Rusty’s BBQ

Roxx Boxx BBQ

Helluva Q

Dances With Smoke

Maddog’s BBQ

Bad Bones BBQ

Cliffs Smokin’ BBQ

Duelin’ J’s BBQ

Smokin’ Bocks

You Need A BBQ!

Beaver Castors

Great North BBQ

Alderfire BBQ


Barking Boys BBQ

Slow Porkin’ BBQ

Warpig BBQ

House of Q

Big Dog BBQ

Pigs ‘N Heat

Slowpokes Grill & Smoke

Land Shark BBQ

Big Red BBQ

Buzz Saw BBQ

Prairie Smoke & Spice