BC Chefs’ Challenge Championships

The BC Chefs’ Challenge Championships is a Must Watch Culinary Showdown


Open garnish. Using your own platter is allowed following PNWBA rules.

This is always a fun category for the teams to show their skills. They make some incredible platters of amazing creations. Traditionally teams are given a protein to work with and then its up to their skill and imagination to create a feast.

In 2012 there was a Northern Surf and Turf theme with a side of Arctic Char (Albion Fisheries) and a Bison Sirloin (Hill’s Foods) presented by the sponsors to each team. There was a really popular protein with the teams in 2017. A large piece of boar belly was given to competitors and it was elevated to amazing heights! The winning entry was an Asian flared Crispy Boar Belly from Pitbull BBQ & Rubs.

We will post the mystery protein ingredient here when it has been finalized.

$50 entry Saturday 1:00pm Turn In