Chefs’ Challenge

The BC Chefs’ Challenge Championships is a Must Watch Black Box BBQ Competition

Saturday, May 5, 2018 1:00pm



Open garnish. Using your own platter is allowed following PNWBA rules.

Hills Foods -logo
Hills Foods is an original sponsor of The Canadian Festival. They provide incredibly different kinds of proteins to our Chefs’ Challenge Category. We have seen crocodile ribs, loin of kangaroo and even musk ox tenderloins. They love giving the cooks a challenge!

Teams are given a mystery protein courtesy of Hills Foods to perform their magic on. We have seen loin of Kangaroo and rack of Muskox taken to amazing heights. In 2012 there was a Northern Surf and Turf theme with a side of Arctic Char (Albion Fisheries) and a Bison Sirloin (Hill’s Foods) presented by the sponsors to each team. There was a really popular protein with the teams in 2017. A large piece of boar belly was given to competitors and it was elevated to amazing heights! The winning entry of Crispy Boar Belly from Pitbull BBQ & Rubs is featured at the top of this page. We don’t know what surprises Mark Hills might have in store for us in 2018 but we are sure it will make for another delicious entry!

The entry fee for this category is included in the BC BBQ Competition unless a competitor wanted to solely compete in the Chefs’ Challenge, in which case the independent entry fee is $40.