CASI Chili Championships

Canadian International CASI Chili Championships

Our 2019 Canadian International CASI Chili Champion came all the way from Texas to try to win our title. This is two time Terlingua International Chili Champion Tom Dryer. He aint just lucky he makes the best bowl-o-red out there!
The site of Rancho CASI de los Chisos Terlingua, Texas.
The site of Rancho CASI de los Chisos Terlingua, Texas home of the World Chili Championships.

The Chili Appreciation Society International is our sanctioning body for authentic Texas chili. Texas style chili is not what you or I would make at home. It MUST consist of ONLY meat (ground or cubed) and a sauce called red gravy. Points would be deducted or the chili disqualified if the judges saw any specks or foreign materials (like beans, garlic, or other veggies). As we are host to The Canadian International Chili Championships our first place overall winner automatically qualifies to cook in Terlingua Texas, at the Terlingua International Chili Cookoff which is the world championships for Texas style chili!

The coveted Terlingua trophy!
The originals, Patsy and Dave Veljacic and Bob Lyons

Believe It or Not! (used without permission -we’re like that) real Texas chili has a long history in the Pacific Northwest. Festival founder Dave Veljacic and his co-founder of the PNWBA, Bob Lyons used to cook a lot of competition chili together. Others of the original chili crew were Sgt M. Ken and Ruth Peach as well as Joe Canavan, Lynne Brokaw and Colleen Wallace. Joe started the first chili parlour located in Seattle called World Class Chili at Pikes Place Market in 1993. Chili arrived on the Northwest scene first and BBQ followed -it was a natural kinda progression thing. More and more cookoffs started springing up and a culture of friendship and camaraderie was born from the heart of a true and tasty Texas-style bowl-a-red! 

Joe Canavan
World Class Chili founder Joe Canavan
Colleen Wallace
Two time World Champion that was a regular visitor to our contest, Colleen Wallace from Dallas Texas.

$30 Entry (includes Homestyle entry) Saturday 2:00pm Turn In