Best Darn Burger

Be Inspired by the Amazing Entries in BC’s Best Darn Burger Championship!         “BACK TO BASICS BURGER”

Saturday, May 4, 2019  12:00pm

In 2019 we will carry on with last years popular ‘Back To Basics Burger’.

Ingredients will be limited to:

Any style of bun. Any mix of beef, pork or poultry. Any bacon. Any homemade or store bought regular Mayo, ketchup, relish, mustard hot sauce or BBQ sauce. Any seasonings. Any cheese. Any veg but leave the truffles in the ground!

The intent is to create what most folks cook on their grill or smoker at home just elevated by the cooks imagination. Nothing over-the-top or too fancy-pants. Just a perfectly cooked burger with great fresh ingredients.

The entry fee for this category is included in the BC BBQ Championships unless a competitor wanted to compete in only the BCs’ Best Darn Burger Championship, in which case the entry fee is $40.

We have seen some pretty amazing creations sandwiched between buns come into the judge’s tent! How about a burger patty made up of fresh ground ribeye, chuck and short rib, smoked and grilled to perfection. Then the patty is topped with fresh grated cheeses, frizzled onions, truffle oil, lobster medallions and a touch of béarnaise. All placed between a fresh baked brioche bun spread with compound garlic herb aioli. Ya, we’ve seen that…

Pork and shrimp Shumai burger topped with Chinese spare rib meat and pickled radish with kekap manis sauce served on a Chinese steamed bun.

Can You Dethrone Langley’s King of Burgers?

All competitors are out to take down the hottest darn burger cook on the planet, Rusty Johnston of Rusty’s Q. He has won more provincial, national and international burger titles than anyone else on this planet (we are unaware of burger winners from other planets! –that’s a disclaimer, see what we did there?) and he hails from right here in Langley BC. Everyone is out to dethrone our own Burger King but with the way he layers ingredients, flavours and proteins it makes him hard to beat.

Burger King Rusty
Rusty Johnston of Rusty’s Q BBQ after being bestowed the honour and Royal Appointment of ‘Burger King’ by his loyal subjects.

Doesn’t everyone including most restaurants think they make the best burgers? We invite individuals and restaurant chefs to come out and try to win the title of BC’s Best Darn Burger Champion for you or your business and get the trophy and ribbon put up on your wall to prove it!

2017 entry from John Lim Hing from Hog Shack Cook House. How are you going to fit that monster?