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Is there a Junior Pitmaster living at your house? Do they have what it takes to enter a real BBQ contest? COME GET YOUR GRILL ON! Open to youth under 16 years. Must be under adult supervision Limited to the first 15 registered You can bring your own BBQ or ask us to put you with a competition team. Free to enter and meat is sponsored and supplied! 2:30pm Hills Foods Chicken Wings 3:30pm Johnston’s BC Pork Tenderloin Combined scores from both entries for: First prize $100 and huge trophy Second prize $50 and huge trophy Ribbons for top 6 teams CONTACT US

·      Kids Q Competition is for youth under 16 years of age and is free to enter. ·      Kids Q categories are determined per cook-off. This year we will supply each contestant with 24 Hill’s Foods whole Chicken Wings and 2 Johnston’s BC Pork Tenderloins ·      There will be no guarantee of meat availability for on-site entries. On-site entrants may not provide their own meat if event sponsored meat is no longer available. ·      Entry is limited to the first 15 registered. We will take a waiting list for no shows. All registered cooks and those for on-site waiting list entry are to be on-site at the large judges tent adjacent to the cooking arena no later than 10:30am to register. You will be assigned your space and have a quick cooks meeting with our Head Judge at 10:45am you will also recieve your two turn-in boxes to put your BBQ in for judging. Based on the number of entrants, the challenge may be divided into age groups (5-11 & 12-15). This will be determined once all entries have been received by both pre-registered and on-site entries. ·      Chicken Wings MUST be received or be in line at the Judges Tent between 2:25pm and 2:35pm. Pork Tenderloin MUST be received or be in line at the Judges Tent by 3:25pm to 3:35pm. ·      Parents please understand that this is a KIDS Q CHALLENGE!  Parental supervision is required. However, the child should be responsible for prepping, seasoning, cooking, cutting and placing all items in their entry box. Guidance from parents is acceptable but please respect the rules and allow the kids to be the Head Cooks. If your child is not strong enough to turn their own meat on the grill, they may be too young for this challenge. ·      Judging will be done by PNWBA Certified Judges following association rules and graded on 3 categories: Appearance -in the entry box, Texture and Taste. Combined scores from both entries determine placing. Further detail on PNWBA rules can be found under the rules tab at ·      NO decorations, separate sauces, or side items are allowed in the entry boxes. Green leaf lettuce and parsley are allowed garnish in the entry box. There must be a MINIMUM of six discernibly separate pieces of the protein in your turn-in box.


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